Our Mission is Constant Improvement

We are people helping other people. Our products and services inspire our clients and their customers to help them achieve great things.

In The Beginning...

Scion IT was founded in 2008 out of a growing need for experienced and successful project and program managers who are solely focused on delivering quality project outcomes for their clients. We have been successfully meeting this requirement from the beginning and have grown into a company offering the full range if IT services to our clients.

Our approach is to work hand in hand with our clients using a pragmatic approach to addressing the task at hand, aided by a good old fashioned experience and common sense. We achieve our exceptional results through transparency and teamwork ultimately leading to a successful delivery of your project or program.

Our Mission: Keep Improving

As developers, software designers, technology consultants, leaders and thinkers, we find the status quo in our industry to be mediocrity. Enterprise processes change constantly, priorities shift and the UX suffers due to lack of expertise. Organizations continue to struggle to innovate with IT.

We have always believed that great software can benefit any business. We began our work in 2008, with the ideal to make things better for our clients by not only creating excellent software, but by creating outstanding user experiences. We are people helping other people - that is our mantra. We believe that great products can excite and transform entire enterprises, allowing innovation to flow freely.

Our software products inspire our clients and their customers to achieve great things.

Service Comes First

We differentiate ourselves from other firms by focusing on how you run your business, rather than on only your technical requirements. We strive to understand what problems you’re working to solve, and how our solution can meet your business goals.

Our work will leave a positive impact on your organization.

A Seasoned Team Based Approach

We believe that the way a project is managed is as important as its result. It is only through careful communication, planning and diligent task management that we can meet you goals and ensure success.

Each of our team members is supported by team leads and project managers in our organization. We constantly discuss each of our projects as a team to ensure we are always taking the best approach.

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